Aerial Photography

Joshua MacFadyen and William Glen, “Top-down History: Delimiting Forests, Farms, and the Census of Agriculture on Prince Edward Island Using Aerial Photography, ca. 1900 2000,” [chapter PDF] in Jennifer Bonnell and Marcel Fortin, eds., Historical GIS Research in Canada.

Along with Alan MacEachern I have written about the use of historical air photos in studies of land use and landscape change.

I also experiment with historical aerial photos in flyovers and 3D models such as:

A video featuring a 3D model of Kettle Creek Valley in St Thomas, Ontario.

A video summary of the Time Flies: Aerial Photography & Landscape Change in Prince Edward Island poster in 2013.

A video showing a 3D flyover of the North Shore of Prince Edward Island in 1968, the location of Cavendish, Green Gables, and Robinsons Island, all in Prince Edward Island National Park.

A video showing a 3D flyover of the the same areas of Prince Edward Island’s North Shore in 2010.(Note: change the video quality to 480p under the Settings “gear” to see these high resolution orthoimages in best quality).

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