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  • Joshua MacFadyen and William Glen, “Top-down History: Delimiting Forests, Farms, and the Census of Agriculture on Prince Edward Island Using Aerial Photography, ca. 1900 2000,” [chapter PDF] in Jennifer Bonnell and Marcel Fortin, eds., Historical GIS Research in Canada.

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Atlantic Canadian web maps:

Follow these links to see some early National Topographic Series maps prepared by Josh MacFadyen and hosted on the University of Toronto Map Library website courtesy of Marcel Fortin. The maps are overlaid on a Google web map. Viewers can adjust the transparency with the slider bar on the top right, view the historical map as an overlay on terrain or satellite images, or click “Earth” to switch into Google Earth mode and see 3D elevation and modern buildings (in Halifax and Dartmouth). Note: these historical images are large and will appear on the screen slowly, especially as you zoom into the Google map.

NCPH Digital History Drop-in:

Along with some colleagues like Ron Rudin and Devon Eliliot I was part of a drop-in session at the National Council for Public History annual meeting in Ottawa, April 2013.  Historical GIS was discussed.  Facebook photo album here.  I’m pretty sure I learned more than I taught.

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  2. Hi Josh: Impressive stuff. I’ve been fiddling with a digital map of the First World War based on a neatline platform. So glad that your talents have found a good home. All the best.

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