Your Flax Stories

This is a space for your flax stories. Please use the comment space below to send me information about flax histories you are familiar with, and unless you object, I will leave them here for others to read, too.

8 thoughts on “Your Flax Stories

  1. I am very interested in the compelling history of flax because of a company which I and two others are creating. The company is using only 100% linen in the products. I want to write about the production and history of linen in order to inform our customers of the high value of the fabric. In addition, I like the image on this site of the workers in the fields, harvesting the flax. Would it be possible for us to use this image on our website.

    Thank you for you information.

    Mary ruth

  2. My name is John Paul Linossier. The “Linossier” family name comes from the work “Lino” which comes from the Latin “Linum” or linen-flax merchant or grower of flax. I am doing my family history from southern france. I would appreciate any information you may come across.

    • Hi John Paul, you have a great family name! I also know some “Flaxbards” which I think translates into “Golden/blonde beard.” I’ll post here again if I come across any other Linossiers.

      • Hi Josh
        I just found your site today, April 29, 2015. I have finished by book on my family. My grandfather came from the L’Ardeche department of Rhone-Alps near the northern Italian border where my ancestors grew and weaved flax into linen. The name “Linossier” came from Le hameaux de la
        Linossiere spelt with an “e” at the end, maybe the Occitan spelling. This hamlet is on the way into
        the city of Saint Sauveur-en-Rue in the department of Loire. You want a free digital copy of the book, just e-mail me and I’ll send one to you.

    • John, I am in Australia. My father moved here in the early 1950’s from Indochina. I have cousins and family in the south of France and understand the name is more common around Lyons.


      • Hi Paul
        I just found your comment on line today, April 29, 2015. My grandfather came from Rhone-Alps, L’Ardeche near the Italian border. Apparently, our family name has come from the “Le hameaux de la Linossiere” a hamlet where linen was made on the way into the city of Sanit Sauveur-en-Rue. If you want a free digital copy of my book, just e-mail and I’ll send it to you. Here from you soon.

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